Social Responsibility Report

About this Report

The PGA and its Members: Bringing Energy to the Game

This is PGA of America’s first report on social responsibility. Social responsibility is intrinsically linked to our organization’s success and, more broadly, to the success of the golf industry.

Golf has many wide-reaching positive impacts: from the jobs created in local communities to green space and wildlife habitats that golf courses provide to the significant philanthropic contributions the PGA of America and the industry deliver to worthy causes. The future of our organization and the game rely on how well we can expand these initiatives to new audiences while injecting new energy into the services we provide to our PGA Professionals, inspiring them to grow the game around the world.

The golf industry has provided significant economic and social benefits, while also improving our environmental footprint, for decades. At the PGA of America, we recognize the need to tell the story of our sustainability successes and challenges. This report was spurred in part by the announcement of our partnership with Constellation, the official energy provider and sustainability partner of the PGA of America, in September 2016.

In early 2017, with the help of Environmental Resources Management (ERM), a leading sustainability consultancy, we conducted a sustainability materiality assessment to identify the topics most important to our Association and stakeholders. There were two parts to this engagement. First, we deployed an online survey to gather feedback from PGA Professionals across the country about their ranking of sustainability topics. Second, we conducted in-person and phone interviews with close to 30 stakeholders, representing a wide variety of experts in the game of golf.

Stakeholders Involved in the Materiality Assessment

These interviews allowed us to gain further insight on the key sustainability topics and opportunities within the industry. As a result of this process, we were able to identify priority areas to develop a vision and strategy for sustainability within the PGA of America for the next several years.

Six Focus Areas of this Report

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