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PGA of America Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is one of the many initiatives that tie into the PGA of America’s mission to grow the game and serve it’s members.

It is the PGA’s goal to make the benefits of golf – whether it be physical exercise, the mental focus gained from playing the game, or the relationships developed on the course – readily available to individuals from all backgrounds.

As one of the world’s largest sports organizations, the PGA and its professionals bring new audiences to the game who otherwise would not have the opportunity whether due to financial, physical ability or other barriers. PGA REACH, the Association’s charitable foundation, has implemented innovative programs like PGA Jr. League, PGA HOPE, and PGA WORKS, to bring new faces into the game and business of golf.

PGA Professionals are provided with opportunities to make a career out of the game they love and to inspire new players at their facilities. With state-of-the art training, skills and the expertise necessary to promote the benefits of golf at facilities and courses around the world, professionals have the unique ability to influence millions of lives.

Bringing Energy to the Game

From developing cutting-edge education programs for PGA Professionals to growing PGA Jr. League, the PGA is finding ways to bring the excitement of golf to even more audiences.

The number of players participating in PGA Jr. League has more than quadrupled over the past four years. This success shows that efforts to make the game more accessible to young players is paying off, and the next generation of golfers is successfully being developed.

PGA Professionals are at the forefront of bringing energy to the game. They are at their facilities every day, teaching, coaching and inspiring players; and their enthusiasm is what keeps players coming back. With new and exciting educational opportunities, PGA Professionals can further develop their golf careers to better serve their local facilities and communities.

PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere), the flagship military program of PGA REACH, has been a tremendous success since it started in 2014. This program, which has already impacted the lives of more than 3,500 Veterans, offers disabled Veterans the opportunity to rehabilitate, learn new skills and develop lifelong friendships through the game of golf.

Environmental Impact

Many golf facilities are taking steps to conserve energy, and the PGA’s partnership with Constellation helps them discover even more opportunities for energy savings and responsible energy use. Some facilities are taking advantage of this partnership and finding ways to make their facilities more energy efficient, with both financial and environmental benefits. The PGA has purchases renewable energy certificates (RECs) for all Championships – PGA Championship, KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship, KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and Ryder Cup – to reduce the carbon footprint of these large-scale, high-profile events.

Find out more about the PGA of America by reading this Social Responsibility Report, which highlights the important and exciting work that the PGA is doing globally to grow the game, while making a positive and responsible impact on the environment and our communities.

Stakeholders Involved in the Materiality Assessment

These interviews allowed us to gain further insight on the key sustainability topics and opportunities within the industry. As a result of this process, we were able to identify priority areas to develop a vision and strategy for sustainability within the PGA of America for the next several years.

Six Focus Areas of this Report

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