Social Responsibility Report
Students high five on golf course

Engaging the next generation

Engaging the next generation of golfers is just as impactful for the PGA of America as it is for young people. Participation in golf and other sports is associated with a wide range of benefits—physical, emotional, social and cognitive—that can last well into adulthood.

Unfortunately, only 26 percent of youth are active to a healthy level through sports, whether organized or unstructured.1 Golf can provide a safe, fun activity for children, while simultaneously teaching them discipline, teamwork and other important life lessons. Developing an appreciation for the game at a young age is important for young people to develop a lifelong interest in golf, but we recognize that golf may seem out of reach for some. The PGA of America and our members work hard to deliver exciting and relevant programs to attract new golfers—whether by assisting low-income families with program registration fees or access to golf equipment, or by developing new formats to make the game more enticing to beginners.

Teen coaching young boy
Teen swinging club on golf course

1 Sports & Fitness Industry Association. “Active to a Healthy Level” means engaging in high-calorie burning activities a minimum of 151 times during the year.