Social Responsibility Report

PGA WORKS Fellowship

PGA WORKS is a program that places individuals from diverse backgrounds—whether by gender, age, race or color, national origin or ancestry, sexual orientation, disability or Veteran status—into a PGA Section to gain experience in all facets of the golf industry.


The year-long, paid fellowship, intended for recent college graduates, provides an opportunity to work on PGA REACH programming, furthering the PGA’s mission of creating a culture of inclusion by communicating and demonstrating that golf is an affordable and accessible game for all abilities, ages and backgrounds. This commitment is vital to the health and relevance of the Association’s business and the game overall.

“All career paths start with awareness and opportunity, and providing individuals from diverse backgrounds entry into the golf industry is a priority for PGA REACH.” — Ryan Cannon, Senior Director, PGA REACH

Tajma Brown

Tajma Brown, a Hampton University and West Virginia University graduate, has served as a PGA WORKS fellow in the Middle Atlantic PGA Section since May 2017, supporting programming of the Foundation.

Tajma Brown

Some of her responsibilities as a PGA WORKS fellow have included assisting with junior golf tournaments, PGA Jr. League Golf programs and helping with the foundational elements of the junior golf alumni association.

Tajma has also taken an active role in communications and promotional initiatives by assisting with the restructuring of the junior golf platform on the Section’s website, writing articles for its monthly newsletter and creating content for its social media channels. For the second half of her fellowship, Tajma is focusing on the organizational structure of several 2018 junior golf events and working on a college golf seminar for students with golf scholarships. Tajma hopes to promote Diversity and Inclusion within the Middle Atlantic PGA Section and ultimately the golf industry as a whole.

“In five years, I see myself working with a task force at the PGA of America to help bring more women and other minority groups into the game.”
— Tajma Brown, PGA WORKS Fellow

Jessica Asbury

Jessica Asbury, a recent graduate of Pfeiffer University, became a PGA WORKS fellow in June 2017 for the Carolinas PGA Section.

Jessica Asbury

In her role, she is assisting in furthering the mission and purpose of its foundation in addition to planning and executing a growing list of national PGA REACH programs. During her fellowship, Jessica hopes to propel more Diversity and Inclusion within the golf industry.

To date, some of Jessica’s responsibilities have been assisting the local and regional Drive Chip & Putt qualifiers, PGA Jr. League, the Carolinas Junior PGA Championship and spearheading content development for the Section’s website and social media channels. In addition to assisting with initiatives at the Section, Jessica was also able to take part in PGA REACH activities at the 2017 PGA Championship in Charlotte, including working on the 2017 Secretary’s Cup, which she credits as the most memorable events of her fellowship so far. For the rest of her time as a fellow, Jessica is looking forward to working on programming centered around PGA Jr. League and the PGA HOPE Summit. 

“I love that through golf you’re able to meet a diverse network of people.”
— Jessica Asbury, PGA WORKS Fellow

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