Social Responsibility Report

PGA WORKS Fellowship

PGA WORKS is a program that places individuals from diverse backgrounds—whether by gender, age, race or color, national origin or ancestry, sexual orientation, disability or Veteran status—into a PGA Section to gain experience in all facets of the golf industry.


The year-long, paid fellowship, intended for recent college graduates, provides an opportunity to work on PGA REACH programming, furthering the PGA’s mission of creating a culture of inclusion by communicating and demonstrating that golf is an affordable and accessible game for all abilities, ages and backgrounds. This commitment is vital to the health and relevance of the Association’s business and the game overall.

“All career paths start with awareness and opportunity, and providing individuals from diverse backgrounds entry into the golf industry is a priority for PGA REACH.” — Ryan Cannon, Senior Director, PGA REACH


  • - Carolinas Section Sara “Sunny” Harris Hutchinson PGA WORKS Fellow – Telvin Walker
  • - Gateway Section PGA WORKS Fellow – Fernando Molina
  • - Michigan Section PGA WORKS Fellow – Hannah Marcusse
  • - Northern Ohio Section PGA WORKS Fellow – Brooke Henderson
  • - Southern Florida Section PGA WORKS Fellow – Madison Temple
  • - Southern Ohio Section PGA WORKS Fellow – Nicole Asbun

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