The golf industry has faced several challenges in recent years, particularly surrounding declining participation in the game. However, the growth potential worldwide provides great opportunities for the future.

A recent report by The R&A found a total of more than 38,000 golf facilities exist in 209 countries around the world. From 2014–2018, countries outside of North America saw a combined total increase of 283 courses (new or under construction). The PGA of America is working hard to facilitate this expansion, particularly in emerging golf markets. With significant opportunity for growth of the game in these markets, our PGA Professionals are well-suited to help support continued interest in golf around the world.

Over 210 PGA Members are working in over 35 countries around the world.

The PGA of America, along with other international golf organizations, has been working hard to promote growth of the game initiatives in regions that have not previously had a strong golf presence. For example, while South America only contains 2 percent of the world’s golf courses, the region has received increased focus over the past few years, due to the prominence of Brazil hosting the first Olympic golf event in 110 years. The region provides an interesting new opportunity for growth following this historic event.

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