Social Responsibility Report

Energy Efficiency

Bringing energy to the game means making sure we use our energy efficiently. The PGA of America is working to reduce our energy use and impact on the environment wherever possible. Our partner, Constellation, is working with the PGA of America to conduct energy efficiency analyses and recommend energy management programs to help reduce golf’s environmental footprint.

Environmental improvements at golf clubs can range from more efficient light fixtures and room controls to low-flow water fixtures, and even solar panels. After identifying opportunities for increased efficiency and recommending a management plan, Constellation connects the club with a trusted service provider, who will install the new technologies. The projects have no upfront cost, and the clubs pay for the services on a monthly basis through their energy bill. Oftentimes, the savings from efficiency are greater than the monthly cost, saving the clubs money and energy in the long run.

Liberty National Golf Course in New Jersey is one of the first clubs to take advantage of the partnership with Constellation. Constellation’s team conducted a comprehensive energy audit of the facility to identify where the club could save the most energy. They ultimately recommended installing LED lights and control systems, the scope and pricing of which was approved by Liberty National. Working with Constellation and one of Constellation’s approved alliance partners ensured that a new design-build solution fit the club’s energy needs, budget and timing. Completed in 2017, the system improvements and LED upgrades reduced consumption by 50 percent, saving 250,000 kWh of energy usage every year. With the associated costs of the project already included in the site’s electricity bill and spread out over the term of their energy contract with Constellation, Liberty National will be able to continue prioritizing time and resources to other improvements needed at the club, while significantly reducing associated maintenance costs. The PGA of America and Constellation are working to develop similar plans with other golf courses across the United States.

Liberty National Golf Course Energy Efficiency Improvements

The PGA of America is also focusing on improving energy efficiency of our Championships. Our major Championships—the PGA Championship, KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship, KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup—are large-scale spectator events, requiring a lot of additional on-site equipment and facilities to support hundreds of thousands of spectators. These events use a significant amount of energy in order to power videoboards, broadcast equipment, air conditioning for tents throughout the property, and lighting, among many other needs. While we work hard during the planning phases of our events to use as much ground power as possible to reduce the need for generators, we know we can do more. This is another reason why we established our partnership with Constellation: we are committed to offsetting our carbon footprint at our Championships. The PGA of America is purchasing Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to match the electricity used during each event. These RECs certify that 100 percent of the energy used during PGA of America events will be matched with wind generation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In 2017, the PGA offset 2,450,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, which had the same environmental benefit of taking 390 passenger vehicles off the road or preserving 2,148 acres of forest.