Once apprentices and students become full PGA Members, we offer lifelong training programs as they grow their careers in the game of golf. Our PGA Certified Professional Program (CPP) offers career development education opportunities to members at all levels of experience to improve their ability to work in the business of golf.

The program allows them to progress through three levels, to membership and eventually to mastery. While there is a diversity of career opportunities within the PGA of America and golf, our innovative program is grounded by three pillars essential to the business of the game: golf operations, teaching and coaching, and executive management.

The PGA’s enhanced, all-digital training and education curriculum, the PGA Certified Professional Program is a state-of-the-art platform that ensures PGA Members have the skills, competencies and training demanded by employers and customers throughout the golf industry. Since the PGA Certified Professional Program’s original inception in 2004, more than 1,335 PGA Professionals have earned a combined 2,300 certifications in their desired career paths. Designed with direct input from employers and industry experts to immediately enhance the expertise and performance of PGA Members in the workplace, PGA CPP 2.0 is an intuitive program available on PGA.org that offers certifications in Golf Operations, General Management, Player Development, and Teaching & Coaching.   

The PGA Master Professional Program (MPP 2.0) is available for PGA Professionals who have achieved advanced certification through the PGA Certified Professional Program. The curriculum is comprised of an extensive project based on the specific certification previously acquired by the PGA Professional. Upon approval of the project and successful completion of a presentation (which includes a live lesson for the Teaching & Coaching Certification), a PGA Member will earn the prestigious PGA Master Professional status. To be eligible, the program requires a minimum of eight years of PGA Membership. Since its inception, more than 360 PGA Professionals have earned PGA Master Professional status. Throughout all of our educational programs, the PGA of America strives to make golf a more inclusive sport and business.

For more information on the PGA Certified Professional Program, please visit pga.org/articles/certified-professional-program-20. For more information on the the PGA Master Professional Program, please visit pga.org/articles/learn-about-pga-master-professional-program.

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