In addition to working with Veterans with disabilities, the PGA of America is engaging allindividuals with visible and unseen disabilities. The PGA also supports golfers with disabilities who aspire to PGA Membership and has modified the Playing Ability Test to reasonably accommodate their special needs.

The PGA partners with organizations to promote interest in, and foster accessibility to, the game and business of golf for everyone. The PGA’s partnership with the National Alliance for Accessible Golf helps consumers find more information regarding golf programs, golf instruction and facilities with adaptive equipment. Formed in 2001, the mission of the Alliance is to increase participation of individuals with disabilities in the game of golf, regardless of ability, socioeconomic condition or experience.

The PGA also played an instrumental role in the development of the Special Olympics Golf program worldwide. Alongside Special Olympics, the PGA developed a set of guidelines and training materials for Special Olympics athletes and coaches.  The PGA of America has also provided financial and technical assistance to a variety of Special Olympics events since 1995.

PGA Special Olympics Involvement

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